1997 Mt. Equinox Vintage Hillclimb

Mt. Equinox Vintage Hillclimb
Manchester, Vermont

Spring 1997

This is another great Vintage racing event. The race runs on the twisty five mile road to the top of Mt. Equinox. Cars race one at a time against the clock. Marshals with radios are stationed at various points on the hill to make sure two cars are not on the course at the same time. I got there too late to go up the hill to get a better vantage point so these sounds are recorded about forty feet past the start line. Like many small vintage racing events, everything is very low-key and you can walk right up and look at the cars.

Fifties Allard idle one 13 sec 110k This Allard coupe had a Chrysler 392 Hemi.
Fifties Allard idle two 5 sec 42k  
Fifties Allard Hemi driveby 10 sec 80k  
Another Allard 12 sec 298k This one was an open car and I'm not sure what kind of motor it had.
Bugatti 14 sec 118k Not sure which model, but it was a four cylinder
Cooper 11 sec 92k Sorry I can't be more specific, but it was an open-wheel car
Cooper single 11 sec 74k Different car than above, had a single cylinder motor. Made a hell of a racket for one cylinder.
Unknown Alfa 10 sec 84k  
Unknown open wheel car 11 sec 92k  
Unknown driveby one 10 sec 86k   
Unknown driveby two 11 sec 94k   
Unknown driveby three 9 sec 72k   
Unknown driveby four 11 sec 90k   

Car Sounds