1999 Forza Mille

1999 Forza Mille
Panton, Vermont

Fall 1999

The Forza Mille is an event put on by Rich and Jean Taylor of Vintage Rallies. These events aren't really open to the public; they are more of an organized driving trip for car owners. The event is a three-day TSD rally over about a thousand miles of country roads. Participants spend about $3500 a couple to cover rooms and meals at some very nice establishments, including the Basin Harbor Club in Panton, Vermont. The Forza Mille was open to any Italian car, any 12-cylinder car, and, because Mercedes was the corporate sponsor, any Mercedes.

I recorded these sounds along the driveway to the club as participants were building up speed. The event is not a speed contest, and breaking the speed limits is not necessary to do well. However, we all know what temptation the loud pedal of an Italian car is, especially when some goon with a microphone is encouraging you to misbehave.

I apologize for not having any pictures of this event - my SLR camera battery died as I got ready to take the first shot. Have you checked your camera battery lately?

Ferrari 250 GT Lusso 6 sec 50k  
Ferrari 330GTC one 7 sec 56k  
Ferrari 330GTC two 7 sec 62k  
Ferrari 365 driveby 7 sec 62k  
Ferrari 365 idle 14 sec 114k  
Ferrari 355 driveby 7 sec 62k   Aftermarket exhaust, probably other mods as well.
Ferrari Daytona driveby 8 sec 66k  
Ferrari 400i driveby 8 sec 70k   Note how muffled the V-12 is - mostly tire noise
Two Ferrari Barchettas, slow driveby 10 sec 86k   They looked very much alike but sounded quite different
Ferrari 246 Dino driveby 10 sec 84k  
Ferrari Testarossa driveby 9 sec 72k   The eighties Testarossa, not the fifties Testa Rossa

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