1999 Dodge Vintage Festival

1999 Dodge Vintage Festival
Lime Rock Park, Connecticut

September, 1999

Lime Rock has long been a venue for sports car racing. Of all the events I've been to so far, Lime Rock was by far the most satisfying and fun. I went down late Friday night, pitched a tent on the infield, and woke up to a strange wooshing sound, which after some investigation (it was VERY foggy) proved to be a hot air balloon taking off from the track. Soon, the fog burned off, the groggy race fans crawled out of their sleeping bags, and cars started their warmup laps. Cars race in various classes, separated by age and displacement. Saturday and Monday are race days, Sunday is the concours. Lime Rock has an agreement with the church next to the track that there will be no racing on Sunday.

The Vintage Festival at Lime Rock is NOT to be missed by the serious gearhead. The atmosphere is laid back, the people are great, and you can walk right up to the cars and drivers in the paddock. This is the kind of access you just can't get at most racing events. Accomodations are not first-rate; you are pitching a tent on the infield with thousands of other crazed race fans, using the same bathrooms and showers. If you pitch camp next to the "wrong" people, you'll spend the night either drinking heavily with them or cursing them as you lay awake unable to sleep. It's a family environment in that there are plenty of kids around, but it's definitely a notch or two rowdier than your average Good Sam RV park. From what I hear, it's tamer than the "good old days", which is a good or bad thing depending on which side of the "old fart" fence you live on.

Lime Rock pictures at image gallery.

1953 Allard JR idle 5 sec 92kk  
1953 Allard JR rev 14 sec 229k  
1927 Bugatti T35 start 4 sec 64k  
1955 Jaguar D-type rev 19 sec 314k  
1958 Lister Knobbly driveby 7 sec 115k  
Open-wheel car (possibly Lotus) idle 8 sec 134k  
1963 Lotus Elan idle 8 sec 135k  
1972 Lola T292 start 6 sec 112k  
1953 MG TD rev 5 sec 87k  
1962 Porsche 356 idle 8 sec 136k  
1961 Porsche 356B rev 14 sec 240k  
1958 Porsche Speedster rev 10 sec 168k  
1970 Porsche 911ST rev 10 sec 174k  
1969 McLaren M10 rev 21 sec 351k  Love that Cosworth DFV!
Swiss-Hutless kart rev 10 sec 169k  This was in the swap area - a two-stroke racing kart.
Unknown car rev 7 sec 123k  
Unknown car rev 2 17 sec 277k  
Group E warming up 17 sec 273k  
Group I practicing 33 sec 537k  
Group J practicing 29 sec 470k  

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