1999 New England Tour 1000

1999 New England Tour 1000
Panton, Vermont

Early Summer 1999

The New England Tour 1000 is another Vintage Rallies event. Again, not a public event, though your humble editor milled about looking only slightly out of place and was not asked to leave. The same format as the Forza Mille, but open to any pre-72 sports car and any Mercedes (Mercedes again being a sponsor of this event). The format is the same - eat, drink, and sleep in luxury, and drive the heck out of your old sports car on some of New England's finest backroads.

'59 Ferrari Testa Rossa idle 7 sec 122k  
'59 Ferrari Testa Rossa driveaway 9 sec 152k  
'59 Ferrari Testa Rossa driveby 9 sec 157k   I could still hear this one a couple of miles out!
Ferrari NART spyder rep idle 12 sec 201k  
Ferrari 275 GTS driveby 5 sec 90k  
1974 Ferrari 246 Dino driveby 9 sec 144k   
1974 Ferrari 246 Dino driveby two 10 sec 174k  
1953 Jaguar C-type Idle 15 sec 251k  There were two of these at the event - one was original and one a really well-done replica. I couldn't tell which was which.
Jaguar C-type driveby 6 sec 101k   
1966 Cobra 427 idle 7 sec 120k  The real deal, not a replica.
1966 Cobra 427 driveby 7 sec 118k  It didn't take long to pass!
Mercedes 300SL driveby 5 sec 87k   
Mercedes 300SL driveby two 6 sec 110k   
1959 AC/Bristol Aceca driveby 5 sec 80k   
1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider driveby 8 sec 140k   
1967 Lotus Europa driveby 8 sec 129k   
Porsche 914/6 driveby 3 sec 51k   
Unknown MG driveby 4 sec 73k   

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