2000 Montreal Gran Prix

2000 Montreal F1 Practice
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, Canada

June, 2000

This is my second GP Practice. I have yet to see the actual race, however. Being the cheapskate I am, I elected to go up on the pratice day, which is usually the Friday before the race. Tickets are cheap, and you can sometimes find scalpers selling tickets for under face value. This is the day teams are getting final settings ready for qualifying the next day. There are also practice sessions for the supporting races, which in this case were Toyota Formula Atlantic open wheel cars and the first North American appearance by the New Beetle Cup racers. These are spec-race New Beetles with VR6 motors. Later on practice day was a Ferrari 360 Challenge race, in which semi-amateur racers have it out in identical V-8 Ferraris. Sorry I didn't get any clips of that.

The frustrating thing about trying to shoot pictures or record sound at an F1 race is the access and security. Good shooting locations are tightly restricted to the media. There are high boards up around the track so you can't see any of the track from ground level. If you go to an F1 race with the intention of taking pictures, you NEED a long lens. Most of the F1 car samples were taken from pretty high up in the stands. The Beetle Cup sounds were recorded with the microphones lowered through the chicken wire on the pedestrian overpass - I'll try that with the F1 cars next time. The Toyota sounds were recorded standing level with the track.
Arrows 10 sec 102k  
Honda 15 sec 56k  
Mercedes 10 sec 52k  
Ferrari one 15 sec 68k  
Ferrari two 10 sec 54k  
F1 cars downshifting 15 sec 42k  
F1 medley one 23 sec 186k  
F1 medley two 22 sec 176k  
F1 unknown 1 10 sec 82k  
F1 unknown 2 9 sec 76k  
F1 unknown 3 7 sec 64k  
F1 unknown 4 11 sec 90k  
F1 unknown 5 7 sec 62k  
F1 unknown 6 10 sec 86k  
F1 unknown 7 14 sec 112k  
Beetle Cup driveby one 8 sec 64k  
Beetle Cup driveby two 16 sec 128k  
Beetle Cup driveby three 10 sec 80k  
Beetle Cup driveby four 11 sec 92k  
Toyota Formula Atlantic driveby one 11 sec 88k  
Toyota Formula Atlantic driveby two 10 sec 84k  
Toyota Formula Atlantic driveby three 15 sec 122k  

Car Sounds