2000 NASCAR New Hampshire 300

NASCAR Thatlook.com 300
New Hampshire International Speedway

July 9, 2000


Most of the races on the Winston Cup circuit are sponsored by discount stores, suppliers to the automotive trade, and soft drink companies. In 2000, five of the races were brought to you by those wacky internet companies, one of which actually had something to do with cars. To save you the horror of having to go to their website yourself, I will tell you that thatlook.com is a website "to find and finance that look", their euphemism for cosmetic surgery. I was there courtesy of my then employer, a now-defunct toy e-tailer. Due to very good luck I had some pretty spectacular access, including pits, courtesy suite skybox, and even up on the roof of the stands where the spotters are (where this picture was taken).

Johnny Benson's #10 Pontiac rev one 12 sec 102k  
Johnny Benson's #10 Pontiac rev two 10 sec 86k  
Bobby Labonte's #18 Pontiac startup 09 sec 72k  
Bobby Labonte's #18 Pontiac rev and shut down 08 sec 66k  
Jeff Gordon's #24 Chevrolet rev one 13 sec 110k  
Jeff Gordon's #24 Chevrolet rev two 12 sec 96k  
Joe Nemechek's #33 Chevrolet rev 10 sec 86k  
Sterling Marlin's #40 Chevrolet rev 14 sec 118k  
Matt Kenseth's #17 Ford 11 sec 92k  
Unknown car rev 12 sec 108k  
The cars at speed, recorded from the top of the stands 15 sec 126k  

Car Sounds